Shop 300 PRC 180gr Nosler Accubond Online at

Shop 300 PRC 180gr Nosler Accubond

Shop 300 PRC 180gr Nosler Accubond

Shop 300 PRC 180gr Nosler Accubond: .300 % 200-grain nosler accubond- the .300 winchester magnum is possibly the maximum cherished searching rifle cartridge in America. It’s additionally the cutting-edge desire among army snipers. Its recognition is primarily based on its capacity to shoot flat, reach a ways, and hit difficult. It’s now not without faults, although. That’s in which the 300 percent comes in.

And, whilst hornady manufacturing’s ballisticians took a near study the .three hundred win. Magazine and its .30-caliber magnum shelf buddies, it noticed a possibility to mix the satisfactory features of the lot into a single, cutting-edge cartridge and chamber design that was lacking. Tested and selected by using the us department of protection for its extended long variety sniping application, the 300 % is what all 30 caliber magnum cartridges want to be… however, can’t! Designed from the start to release heavy-for-caliber, excessive overall performance bullets efficiently with utmost precision, the 300 % is a big 30 quality suit correct cartridge designed for the 21st century and beyond.

The 300 p.c is an intelligently crafted twenty first century magnum cartridge mainly designed to take benefit of long, heavy for caliber bullets capable of turning in the very best degrees of accuracy and aerodynamic overall performance.

Primarily based on the 375 ruger cartridge case, the 300 percent is non-belted and makes use of a popular .532” magnum bolt face and headspaces off the 30 diploma shoulder. This effects in higher chamber alignment than wellknown belted magnum cartridges and lets in for advanced stacking and feeding from fixed magazines.

The three hundred percent cartridge and chamber have been designed concurrently combining to provide terrific alignment and pretty tuned performance. Shop 300 PRC 180gr Nosler Accubond, The cartridge case is designed to apply not unusual, temperature-strong, magnum speed rifle powders producing extraordinarily constant pace and elevated barrel lifestyles as compared to presently available magnum cartridges.

Here are our favorites and pointers:

Barnes:  the high-quality accuracy and penetration of the tipped tsx and lrx make a wonderful huge sport bullet inside the percent.  The pleasant lead-loose preference!

Berger:  elite hunter, hybrid & eol.  Those splendid bullets offer terrific terminal performance and first-rate accuracy.  Combining both a secant and tangent ogive, they are very forgiving and much less sensitive to seating depth than vld bullets.

Hornady:  eld-x and eld-m offer incredible terminal performance and accuracy, usually a great preference!

Hornady: a-tip is the top of long variety bullet layout, they may be speedy earning a reputation at the top of the heap!

Nosler: the accubond presents outstanding accuracy and weight retention, a top-notch all-around hunting bullet.

Product Specifications

Projectile             180gr nosler accubond

Muzzle velocity (24″)      3090

Muzzle strength (feet/lbs)          3815

Ballistic coefficient (g1)  0.507

C.o.a.l.  three.430″

Minimal barrel twist        1-nine”

100yd zero          drop in inches

200yd    2.2

300yd    8.7

400yd    20.4

500yd    37.7

600yd    61.6

700yd ninety-two. nine

800yd    131.4

900yd    179.nine

1000yd  241.4

If they’re now not plugged into the long variety taking pictures network, most hunters and shooters in all likelihood haven’t heard approximately the brand new 300 precision rifle cartridge (300 %) Hornady formally released in 2018.

Hornady advertises that the cartridge was designed from the start to use heavy for quality, extremely aerodynamic bullets that deliver terrific overall performance at long variety. The cartridge has obtained quite a few hype lately, but do you really need one?

Ever since the .30-06 Springfield took the hunting world via typhoon at the beginning of the 20th century, .30 quality cartridges have been extremely famous among hunters and shooters in north the usa. Although the .30-06 become and is a superb choice for plenty makes use of, hunters and shooters searching out greater electricity or better long variety performance have flocked closer to the various .30 caliber magnum cartridges for lots many years.

The massive gun and ammunition organizations have responded to that demand in kind. Hunters in recent times now have a dizzying array of .30 caliber magnum cartridges to select from just like the .three hundred Winchester magnum, .300 Weatherby magnum, .30 nosler, 300 wsm, .300 norma magnum, and the .300 remington ultra magnum (among others). For this reason, you may be forgiven for questioning why we need some other .30 caliber magnum cartridge and what benefits the three hundred p.c offers compared to the ones older cartridges.

Product Features

Muzzle velocities w/26″ barrel

180 & 185gr bullets – 3200 fps

190gr bullets – 3150 fps

200gr bullets – 3050 fps

208gr – 212gr bullets – 3000 fps

215gr bullets – 2975 fps

230gr bullets – 2850 fps

245gr & 250gr bullets – 2725 fps

Shop 300 PRC 180gr Nosler Accubond with our “excessive” custom ammo we take no shortcuts and reduce no corners as we convey to you the finest ammo cash can purchase, every spherical is constructed one at a time to guarantee every cartridge meets our enormously excessive standards of performance so that while you pull the cause your ammunition will not permit you to down!we are more than satisfied to talk about bullet overall performance referring to our 300 percent ammunition, and bullet selection to your rifle.

300 precision rifle cartridge history

With the upward push in popularity of more lengthy range shooting throughout the twenty-first century, ballisticians at Hornady diagnosed the need for a .30 quality cartridge designed particularly for that sort of painting. Present cartridges just like the .three hundred win mag have been surely able to terrific long variety overall performance, however, there wasn’t a .30 quality cartridge cause built for that task.

Especially, the present .30 caliber cartridges were no longer well suited for the usage of extraordinarily lengthy, excessive bc bullets.

In place of building a cartridge primarily based on present layout constraints imposed by the numerous not-unusual motion lengths (short action, well-known/lengthy motion, etc.), they elected to just construct a cartridge designed especially to do what they desired, then construct the rifle around it.

So, they took a necked down .375 ruger cartridge case and constructed the cartridge with a very long head top.

Head top is the amount of space available for the bullet outside the case whilst staying within saami specifications for the cartridge. Put certainly, more head top facilitates the use of very long, aerodynamic bullets.

On the same time, the .375 ruger changed into design with the same .532″ case head diameter as the .375 h&h. However, unlike the .375 h&h (and cartridges just like the 7mm rem mag and .300 win mag descended from it) the .375 Ruger is a beltless cartridge, so the actual body of the .375 ruger case is larger in diameter than the .375 h&h.

300 percent ballistics

Normal three hundred p.c ballistics are a 212gr bullet at 2,860fps (3,850 ft-lbs) or a 225gr bullet at 2,810fps (3,945 feet-lbs). Both masses use long, aerodynamic, heavy for quality bullets that minimize bullet drop and wind float at extended range. Three hundred percent factory hundreds normally have a muzzle pace much like the .300 win magazine, but with a heavier bullet with a higher bc.

With careful handloading, it’s feasible obtain barely better velocities with the cartridge and/or make use of even heavier and greater aerodynamic bullets.

In particular, most handloads posted by Hornady display a speed of 2,875fps with a 220-grain eld-x bullet and a speed of 2,700fps with a 250-grain a-tip match bullet. Both of those masses had received the usage of a 24″ barrel, so your mileage might also vary.

Genesis of the three hundred p.c

To attain this precision shot placement goal, hornady knew its new 30-quality of 2018 had to throw bullets with excessive ballistic coefficient rankings. That supposed long, glossy, heavy boat tails with secant ogive nostril profiles. Stabilizing such long bullets would require rifling twist faster than the 1:10” preferred for the three hundred win. Magazine. Hornady made it 1:eight.five”, quick enough to stabilize streamlined .308 bullets so long as 1.858”, the length of hornady’s 250-grain a-tip suit bullet.

To propel such bullets, hornady grabbed the 375 ruger case, and shortened it a smidge below 300 win. Magazine. Period, and gave it nowadays’s famous 30-degree shoulder. The maximum obvious advantage of the 375 rcm case become what it didn’t have. A belt. The case rim and head diameter are the equal .532” because the three hundred win. however in place of stepping body size right down to .513” to create the headspacing belt, body diameter stays .532” earlier than tapering to .515” on the shoulder. This creates enough powder area to greater than make amends for the marginally shorter base-to-shoulder period of the case. Shop 300 PRC 180gr Nosler Accubond, A 300 percent case should keep about 5 percentage greater powder than a three hundred winchester magnum case. That results in a reputedly negligible 25- to 50-fps muzzle velocity advantage, however as we’ll see, negligible turns into appreciable at the extended levels where the three hundred percent is designed to work.