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Buy Arsenal Bulgarian 106F

Buy Arsenal Bulgarian 106F

Buy Arsenal Bulgarian 106F: The SLR106-21 is an Arsenal SLR-106F 5.56×45 Semi-automobile Rifle imported from Arsenal Bulgaria. The SLR-106F model is no longer in production by way of Arsenal. Whilst these models promote out, they’ll be long past! Get yours whilst you still can!

Description: SLR-106F – Import, five. fifty-six NATO caliber, stamped receiver, chrome coated hammer forged barrel, bayonet lug, 24mm muzzle brake, cleaning rod, accent lug, black polymer furniture, aspect folding polymer stock, stainless-steel warmth shield, and U.S. made double degree fireplace manipulate institution. Comes with one 5-round magazine, sling, oil bottle, and cleansing kit.


Quality: 5.fifty six x 45 mm (.223)

Total period (with Compensator): 937 mm (36 7/eight in.)

Folded length (with Compensator): 695 mm (27 3/eight in.)

Barrel length: 415 mm (16 1/4 in.)

Rifling: 6 grooves

Twist rate: 1 in 178 mm (7 in.)

Weight without magazine: three.31 kg (7. three lbs.)

Muzzle speed: 910 m/s (2,985 fps)

Effective range: 500 m (550 yds)

Most range: 1,350 m (1,480 yds)

Rear Sight range: 800 m (875 yds)

SLR-106 5.56×45 quality rifles are exceptional Bulgarian-made stamped receiver semi-computerized editions remanufactured by means of Arsenal Inc in Las Vegas Nevada. All SLR-106 rifles feature unique Bulgarian-made 1mm stamped receiver authentic Bulgarian chrome coated hammer cast barrel US made anti-slap double degree cause group US made mil-spec. Polymer inventory set with stainless-steel warmth guard left-side folding stable polymer or metallic buttstock and trapdoor for cleaning kit 800-meter rear sight leaf.

The SLR-106F and SLR-106FR models come with a front sight block with a bayonet lug and a 24×1.5mm proper-hand threads gas block with bayonet lug detachable muzzle brake and in black or desolate tract sand shade.

SLR-106CR model comes with the front sight block/gas block combination

SLR-106UR version comes with a front sight block/gasoline block aggregate and short gas system (Krinkov).

The SLR-106FR SLR-106CR and SLR-106UR include aspect set-up scope rails for attaching any widespread scope mount along with Arsenals SM-thirteen mount.  Test out the tactical variations with durable aluminum handguards with Picatinny rails for attaching flashlights scopes lasers or other AK add-ons of your desire.

About this rifle

The SLR106-F series is a Bulgarian-made, stamped receiver, AK sample rifle in a 5.56x45mm. Buy Arsenal Bulgarian 106F, It has a removable AK74 fashion muzzle damage with a left-side folding Warsaw % length buttstock with a trap door for the cleansing package. This rifle includes a US-made anti-slap double-stage cause institution with the aid of Arsenal, Inc. For improved accuracy and predictability.

While we speak approximately the venerable Avtomat Kalishnikova or AK-forty seven pattern rifles in well-known, there are numerous things we take as a right. We assume that it is going to be chambered in one of the two preferred calibers the time tested 7.62 x39 mm or its newer smaller cousin the five. forty-five x 39mm chambering. That changed into the overall rule of thumb for years until several businesses started out to discern a way to lead them to what might be the most popular caliber inside the united states, the .223 Remington or 5.56 mm. Could it’s the proper blend of East meets West? The unholy union of two firearms geniuses? Well, when we had a risk to snag an AK manufactured by using famed producer Arsenal included of Bulgaria in North America’s most famous caliber, properly we had to mention yes for in simple terms medical motives. So with a similarly put off we introduce to you our first look at the Arsenal SLR-106F-21 rifle.

About Arsenal

Arsenal inc. Is a firearm manufacturer primarily based in las vegas, Nevada. The organization have become founded in 1991 and is focused on producing tremendous firearms, especially semi-computerized rifles, and pistols stimulated with the aid of the Kalashnikov layout.

The organization is thought for its attention to elements and commitment to generating correct and dependable firearms.

One of the key capabilities of arsenal inc. Are the remarkable materials and craftsmanship applied in gun production? All rifles and pistols are built with a wonderful hobby to detail and are designed to resist heavy use and vicious conditions.

Product facts & skills

Buy Arsenal Bulgarian 106F, The 5. Fifty-six Nato SLR 106f is a pinnacle-notch semi-computerized cutting-edge-day-wearing rifle. This rifle dynamics 5. Fifty-six ak, arsenal 106f base rifle is ready with a rifle dynamics tunable sight/gasoline block; a lessen, crowned, and threaded barrel with a pinned/welded surefire closed tine battle comp flash hider for a usual length of sixteen.1″; g2 cause institution; closing scope rail; fuller rear sight mod; tango down ak grip and custom stippled polymer handguard; Krebs extended safety tool; and a triangle folding stock with custom welded qd attachment at the left component. This rifle moreover sports warrior angel engraving and Murrell’s moly resin-toned paint (gray with black accents). This rifle is in a fantastic situation and springs with a factory hard case with an rd warrior angel emblem and 13 30-round circles 10 magazines.

Purchase arsenal SLR-106 f rifle, Arsenal, inc., slr106, semi-automatic, 556×forty five, 16″ barrel, black finish, element folding stock, adjustable points of interest, 5th, stamped receiver, chrome lined hammer solid barrel, bayonet lug, 24mm muzzle brake, cleaning rod, accent lug, black polymer fixtures, facet-folding polymer stock, stainless steel warmth shield, and u.s. Made double degree hearth control group.

Very last mind

The five.56 NATO SLR 106F is a top-notch semi-computerized current sporting rifle. This Rifle Dynamics 5.56 AK, Arsenal 106F base rifle is geared up with a Rifle Dynamics tunable sight/gasoline block; a cut, topped, and threaded barrel with a pinned/welded Surefire closed tine Warcomp flash hider for an ordinary period of 16.1″; G2 trigger organization; Ultimak scope rail; Fuller rear sight mod; Tango Down AK grip and custom stippled polymer handguard; Krebs prolonged protection tool; and a triangle folding stock with custom welded QD attachment on the left facet. Buy Arsenal Bulgarian 106F, This rifle moreover sports activities Warrior Angel engraving and Norrell’s moly resin two-toned paint (gray with black accents). This rifle is in very good circumstance and springs with a factory tough case with RD Warrior Angel logo and 13 30-round Circle 10 magazines.